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19 juni 2008


The Netherlands -- Texas Longhorn Export


Barnesville, Oh. . . The third herd inspection was conducted by Dutch investors to Dickinson Cattle Co, Inc. (DCCI) of Barnesville, Ohio for embryo purchases this past week. 

Daniel Vander Lugt, Jake Steenvoorden, and Jan Olsthoorn of Noaldwijk, The Netherlands, represented the group of importers to Ohio. 

Europeans have had a fascination with the American West, the cattle and the horses.  In the last few years Texas Longhorns and Quarter Horses have been imported in accelerated numbers.  Since 9/11 it is very difficult to export live cattle from the USA due to increasing test requirements and cost of transport.  As a result, semen and frozen embryos have taken the place of live cattle shipments.

DCCI is the major importer of Texas Longhorn semen and embryos in the USA  with donors and semen sires qualified for most all countries.  The DCCI bull "Tempter" is the only Texas Longhorn bull qualified for shipment to every country outside the USA.  His semen sells for $50 per straw.

Olsthoorn and Lugt are partners in a cattle operation that specializes in Texas Longhorn genetics.  Embryos are shipped from Ohio to Holland, implanted into dairy heifers and the result is pure Texas Longhorn calves.

Selections destined for Holland were made of embryos from DCCI sires Super Bowl, Victory Lap, and Tempter.  An assortment of unrelated donor cows were identified to provide a wide range of virtues to the foundation herds.

Historically the USA is the corn fed beef leader of the world. No other nation feeds volumes of grain to livestock. As a result of grain reductions, breeds of cattle with proven grazing abilities are becoming more profitable. Texas Longhorn cattle are famous for digesting cactus, and low quality fiber. This browse ability produces quality lean beef economically without feeding costly human consumable grains.

DCCI is located in eastern Ohio and has assisted in starting herds in several countries.  Recent purchases involve a shipment of African Watusi semen to South Africa, the continent where Watusi originated.  Genetics in the USA are purchased and used to improve herds world wide because of their special quality traits and serious performance testing.

For more information on exporting, embryos and semen check the DCCI ranch site at

                                                    Netherland Visitors
Caption:  Partners Jan Olsthoorn, left, and Daniel Vander Lugt, right, tour Dickinson Cattle Company Inc, of Barnesville, Ohio making foundation herd embryo donor selections.  Darol Dickinson, center, is the ranch general manager and export coordinator for shipments to Europe. For more information  




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