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Ons aanbod in embryos

Texas Longhorn embryos

Dear longhorn breeder,

Diepenhoek Texas Longhorns is pleased to announce that we have agreed to an exclusive partnership with Clinton Bezan, of  Canadian Texas Longhorn. In addition to his job as breeder, he is also president of the Canadian Herdbook.

From now on it is possible to buy embryos from his Texas Longhorn cows in Europe. Most of the cows are from Dickinson Cattle Barnesville Ohio USA. They have 100 % American pedegrees and are fully registered in ITLA ( International Texas Longhorn Association) herdbook. To give you an idea which cows are available please click here to visit the website

We offer embryos from different bulldams. All of these embryo matings were chosen for a reason. Some of these have full siblings that have made a mark in the longhorn breed. Most of the donor females we offer have a history of being producers. We look forward to putting these bloodlines to work in our herd. We will help longhorn breeders in Europe  to use these embryos for their breeding program to. These genetics are hard to come by and would be a great addition to any herd.

We will start with two great bulls. Fugitive and Point Power.


Fugitive is a unique, exciting bull, whose pedigree reads like a who's who in the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame. Sired by 80 inch T2T Overkill, his lineage includes three of the most embryo transplanted cows in the T.L. breed, Doherty 698, Ranger's Measles and Miss Lin as well as Field of Pearls, the 2006 international champion non halter female. Fugitive offers the Canadian gene pool elite size, performance, conformation and horn - all in a striking black and white speckled package. He is being used widely across Australia by A.I. His legacy starts here.

Point Power

Sired by World Champion Clear Point, this stout specimen represents the next step in our aggressive breeding program. He has all the attributes of a superior sire and a pedigree to back it all up. His dam is an Overkill, Temptations The Ace, Senator blend that includes Rosenette who is considered to be the best Senator daughter. Clear Point needs no introduction after winning the Horn Showcase in every category he was entered capturing six bronze trophies. For breed leading horn and muscle this prospect is in a very elite class of Texas Longhorn bulls. Point Power is a total trait balanced bull that will bend the curves for horn, muscle, growth, fertility while retaining calving ease and temperament. He was named Grand Champion bull at the 2016 National Texas Longhorn show in Red Deer July 23, 2016.

Let me  know if you are interested and I'll give you the details about the cows and embryo  prices.






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