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The Texas Longhorn the symbol of the "Wild West"

We have seen them several times in old cowboy movies. Cattle drives, the ultimate combination of tough, raw cattle drivers and their cows, travelling over mountains. Texas Longhorn cattle in their natural habitat. Big lakes, dessert, great plains. No other image will bring you closer to tho old Country and Western feeling

Cattle Drive This cattle breed is truly unique. Eyecathing are their enormous wide-spread horns. Both sexes carry them. Colours do vary from brown, black, white, red, yellow, grey/blue, spotted en even striped.

Some skins have one colour, others have 2 or 3 colours.

Texas Longhorns Our first home-bred Texas Longhorn calf was born on May 3, 2009 on our farm "Diepenhoek Texas Longhorns". We were the first Eurpean breeders with 100% pedigree Texas Longhorns selling cattle, embryos, and semen.

�On our site you will find general information about Texas Longhorns and the possible genetics we can offer you.


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